ClimateLaunchpad 2019: from basel to amsterdam – the winners are determined

Two tickets to the Global Grand Final in Amsterdam and one spot in the Wild Card Competition that might also lead to a spot in the Grand Final – This is what this year’s best clean-tech startups from Switzerland were competing for at the ClimateLaunchpad National Final. On Friday, the 6th of September, eight startups from all over Switzerland had the chance to present their green business ideas to the jury in Basel. And we now know who the winners are!

Three months after the ClimateLaunchpad Boot Camp, the Swiss participants of this year’s edition of the competition met once again for the National Final. In the weeks and months prior to the final, all teams had worked on their slide decks and practiced their pitches with the help of the ClimateLaunchpad workbook and the Swiss National Leads from the Startup Academy. Now, on the 6th of September 2019, they all had the chance to present their business ideas to the jury and try to convice them that they should be the ones going to the Global Grand Final mid-November. The Startup Academy Switzerland has organized the competition in Switzerland for the fifth time in a row this year. A huge thank you goes to our partners Raiffeisen Switzerland and Caring as One Foundation, Liechtenstein. 

National Final in the wonderful venue at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Basel

Nine Slides, five minutes

There are precisely nine slides that each team has to bring to National Final. Their content and order are defined in the Workbook. Then, each startup has exactly five minutes to pitch their idea to the national jury, followed by a short Q&A. In order to be able to compare the startups and their ideas on a national and – even more so – international level, these simple, but rather strict rules of the game are absolutely necessary. After all, ClimateLaunchpad is the world’s largest clean-tech ideas competition and has received over 2,500 applications from over 50 countries this year. 

Whereas there was consistency with respect to the slide decks, there was a very wide variety when it came to the business ideas. The following startups presented at this year’s Swiss National Final:

Empti wants to incentivise people to use reusable takeaway containers with QR. An app then guides customers to convenient collection points where the containers can be disposed after use. They will then be cleand and reused. 

The startup Enerdrape aims to harvest energy from unused surfaces to provide renewable heating and cooling. The Enerdrape technology is the first energy panel that can be installed indoor in unconditioned environments such as parking garages. 

Kolbev provides on-demand sustainable re-charging of electric vehicles with renewable energy at any given location. Old lithium batteries are used as mobile chargers.

Lyfa is an online ordering and delivery platform for plastic packaging free grocery shopping. Groceries are delivered to customers in reusable containers that can be returned after use.

The Ponera team has designed a new sustainable, modular pallet configuration that aims to revolutionize the goods’ transport. Their pallet is a recycable bio-polymer based pallet that is reusable and results in dramatic decrease in fuel consumption. 

REBO is the name of the smart reusable bottle developed by Re-Company. It is a stainless-steel durable bottle with a water tracking sensor. Not only does it help customers stay hydrated, it also makes a donation to NGOs removing pastic from the ocean every time a bottle has been drunk. 

Soap Up Store aims to reduce plastic waste from plastic shower gel and shampoo bottles by offering sustainable soap cases that can be used for soap bars and dry shampoos both at home and while traveling. 

And, last but certainly not least, the sister duo behind Sway Today is developing a platform for sustainable beauty products that puts the customers and their needs at the center. Users can find products tailored to their specific needs as well as rate and recommend products to others. 

Jury member Adriano Bürgi during one of the Q&A sessions

Two Global Grand Final tickets and one wild card

After all the pitches, the jury had the difficult task of choosing the winner’s of this year’s Swiss National Final. The jury was composed of the following seven exerperienced professionals:

Björn Thoma, Founder Innovation Basel, Co-Founder Simmentaler Braumanufaktur GmbH

Adriano Bürgi, Regional Accelerator Lead, DACH, Climate-KIC

Claus-Heinrich Daub, Professor of Sustainable Management and Marketing, FHNW and board member, öbu – der Verband für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften

Erol Bilecen, Sustainability Investments Expert, Raiffeisen Switzerland

Marina Hasler, Head Coordination Office Swiss Student Sustainability Challenge, FHNW

Simone Döbelin, Brand & Customer Marketing Manager Home Care, Unilever Switzerland

Stefanie Fehr, Project Manager Advertising & Content Marketing, UBS

After an in-depth discussion, they jury announced their decision to the startups and the guests. 

Jury members Simone Döbelin, Stefanie Fehr, Erol Bilecen and Marina Hasler (from left to right) during one of the pitches

And the winners are...

The startup Re-Company won 3rd place and therewith has the chance to compete for a Wild Card to the Global Grand Final. 

2nd place went to Masoud Talebi Amiri and Matthew Reali from Ponera. The team will travel to the Grand Final in Amsterdam in November.

And first place was awarded to Margaux Peltier & Alessandro Rotta Loria from Enerdrape. They also win travel and accommodation to the Global Grand Final as well as access to the Startup Academy Incubator Program for a year.

CONGRATULATIONS to our winning teams. We can’t wait to see you pitch at the Grand Final. And our fingers are crossed for Re-Company – we hope to see you guys there as well.

The top 3 together with the National Leads (from left to right): Catherine Riesen (National Lead), Pierandrea Quarta (Re-Company), Alessandro Rotta Loria and Margaux Peltier (Enerdrape), Masoud Talebi Amiri and Matthew Reali (Ponera), and Marilen Dürr (National Lead)

We would also like to say congratulations to all of this year’s participants. It’s been a lot of fun working with you and we wish you all nothing but the best for the future. A very big thank you also goes to all of our jury members as well as to PricewaterhouseCoopers in Basel for providing the very best venue for our National Final. THANK YOU.


Jury and National Leads (f.l.t.r.): Catherine Riesen, Claus-Heinrich Daub, Stefanie Fehr, Björn Thoma, Marina Hasler, Adriano Bürgi, Simone Döbelin, Erol Bilecen, and Marilen Dürr

Pictures: Raphaël Leibundgut,