Supported by foundations, business partners and partner networks

The Startup Academy association is now successful because it demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit, built trust and aligned its business model to current needs. Since its founding in 2010 partners supported the Startup Academy. During the initialization and setup stage foundations were essential, later business partners and partner networks followed. Today the Startup Academy is ideally and materially widely supported, well-connected in business and an important component in the diverse landscape of startup funding organizations in Switzerland.


Without foundations the Startup Academy wouldn’t exist. From the beginning they believed in the idea, recognized the innovative potential and therefore supported the nonprofit initiative accordingly.

A big thanks goes to:

Business partners

Business partners of the Startup Academy are both materially and ideally engaged. In addition to a financial commitment they provide knowledge and experience, which are transferred to the startups through consultation interviews, information meetings and expert panels. Additional partners are welcome. With the current business partners the Startup Academy is competently covering important topics:

Basler Versicherungen - Kopie Buchhaltungsfabrik
Loop Merian-Iselin Right-management
Vitra YAAY  

Partner networks

The subsidy environment for startup companies is complex, highly diversified and hard to overlook. The Startup Academy is committed to ensure that the Swiss funding landscape becomes simpler, more transparent and overseeable. Furthermore it is searching for collaborations and is trying to link itself with other providers and partner networks. The Startup Academy is interested in further expansion of its partner network. At the moment the following partners belong to our network:

Do you want to become a partner?

If you have any questions Florian Blumer is happy to answer them either on the phone (+41 61 271 80 45) or by email.