The backbone of the Startup Academy, the volunteers

The Startup Academy is a nonprofit organization consisting of volunteers, who are, intrinsically motivated, sharing their knowledge and experience with the startups. There are three different roles: mentors (they assist a startup over a longer time and are a first point of contact and discussion partner), experts (they impart their knowledge to different startups) and students (depending on the availability, students can accompany startups or can be consulted on specific topics). If you want to register for one of these roles, you’re more than welcome to do so.

Mentors and experts

In order to have a professional accompanying-program, the Startup Academy depends on mentors and experts, who are engaging themselves specifically and temporarily for the startup companies. We are looking for experienced professional people, entrepreneurs and professionals in the context of volunteering programs, who want to get involved socially and expand their network. According to experience the time required for such a volunteering positions averages out on 12 hours for experts and on 24 hours for mentors.


Depending on the availability and the student’s interests to consult a startup an engagement is possible. Students are either helping with special themes or support the Startup Academy in its networking activities or in special projects. If you study full-time at the School of Economics /FHNW and are actively contributing to the Startup Academy it is possible to earn 3 ECTS Points for an amount of work of 126 hours. Similar cooperations are being sought.

Students of the University of Basel have the following option.

Contact person

If you have any questions Erich Bucher is happy to answer them either on the phone (+41 61 271 80 45) or by email.