CLP 2020 National Finals

Is fostering social entrepreneurship the route to tackling environmental issues?

We think so. Better still, we know how!

Six years ago ClimateLaunchpad, the world’s largest green business ideas competition, was born. Ever since then, it has been empowering, supporting, and helping social enterprises to tackle climate change and maximize their impact.

A global movement built on a regional competition

Switzerland with the help of Startup Academy has joined ClimateLaunchpad in 2015. Since then we have successfully recruited and selected promising start-ups. Together, we have driven innovations to scale, working with social entrepreneurs and enabling them to develop climate solutions.

“The Swiss final of Climate Launchpad 2020 reminds us that no matter what are the ingredients of a green business idea the most critical element is the passion that drives entrepreneurs to evolve, get challenged and grow their impact internationally. It was a fantastic final that pushed everybody forward!”
– Dimitrios Terzis, jury member and previous ClimateLaunchpad finalist

Last Friday we had our first fully digital National Climate Launchpad Final in Switzerland. 10 GreenTech start-ups made it to the shortlist to compete against each other.  And we have a winner, ExoLabs! Followed by ShadeMe and MOOST. And not to forget our runner-up: sun’n’go.

ExoLabs – providing valuable snow information to hydropower plants

ExoLabs’ mission is to provide unique data products as well as software as a service in the field of Earth observation. As a value-added services provider, they turn satellite, airborne and drone data into meaningful information their clients can trust and act upon. ExoLabs was founded in 2017 as a spin-off of the Remote Sensing Laboratories of the University of Zurich.

One of ExoLabs’s aims is to measure and predict snow – snow covers about 46 million square kilometres of our planet and is thus an important part of our climate system, helping to regulate the Earth’s temperature. One sector ExoLabs provides value to is hydropower, for which information on snow and the water contained within is indispensable for efficient water management. Hence it provides hydropower plants with satellite-based and objective data, from regularly updated maps of snow depths.

ShadeMe – no more manipulating by hands: automatic shading solutions

ShadeMe – is developing an innovative blind control device to automatically regulate shading to the best dynamic sky position offering comfortable daylight. Their solution is especially of value to new and modern buildings containing large window fronts and striving for a better work life. Why? Because these buildings tend to suffer from discomfort glare from the sun and overheating in buildings – especially in summer.

MOOST – heating more efficiently without having to change your heating system

MOOST combines novel devices from leading companies into mini-automations. Mini-automations get complex or annoying jobs done for you at your command. They provide value to clients by letting them pick an automation of their choice, helping them find and purchase the right devices for their home and providing them with personalized instructions to install and manage it. Ultimately, MOOST’s app will run their automations according to their settings. Practical for you and sustainable for our planet: their application helps you save up to 30% energy. This is almost one ton of C02 per year – approximately one flight from Zurich to New York.

sun’n’go – providing off-grid communities with electricity

Did you know that more than 860 million people don’t have access to electricity? sun’n’go has a solution: their solar innovation empowers entrepreneurs and their communities – thanks to clean, modern and affordable energy in the off-grid areas of Malawi. How it works? Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to buy a solar energy box with the ability to charge portable batteries. These can then be used to light households and charge phones.

“The ambition of the teams has amazed me. It’s incredibly rewarding to see how quickly rough business ideas evolved into detailed and convincing business plans.”
– Lukas Blumer, Programme Lead ClimateLaunchpad Switzerland

The three finalists as well as the runner-up are high-potential social enterprises with the best solutions to drive change. This is partly due to the support, expertise and coaching they receive through our ClimateLaunchepad competition. 

ExoLabs, ShadeMe and MOOST will now go to the European Regional Final and get to participate in our Startup Academy Guidance Programme for one year– completely free of charge. There they will not only get access to our extensive community and network of experts, but also be partnered with an experienced mentor to help them further develop their business plans.

Feeling inspired? Whether you’re new to social entrepreneurship, already engaged with a project in your spare time, or are about to embark on your own initiative – ClimateLaunchpad can help you get there. This year’s application is closed, but stay tuned for next year! We guide you at every step of the way, from how to tell your impact story to creating a compelling investor pitch. And we’ll show you the technical aspects of raising finance and what social investors are looking for.