Blan­ka Camp­bell Nutri­tion & Wellbeing

The grea­test wealth is health

Nutri­tio­nist & Well­being Expert, hel­ping com­pa­nies to create sus­tai­nable well­being pro­grammes & attrac­tive workplaces

Blan­ka is a cer­ti­fied nutri­tio­nist with a par­ti­cu­lar inter­est in many taboo topics such as gas­troin­tes­ti­nal disor­ders (IBS, SIBO, bloa­ting), hor­mo­nal imba­lances (diges­tion, stress, sleep & sex hor­mones) as well as men­tal & emo­tio­nal well­being.

She is pas­sio­nate about hel­ping others to get out of the vicious circle and lead a heal­thier and hap­pier life through the adop­tion of more conscious life­style habits, opti­mal per­so­na­li­sed nutri­tion, the prac­tice of mind­ful­ness, self-awa­re­ness and stress relea­sing tech­niques such as medi­ta­tion, yoga, tap­ping EFT or posi­tive mind­set and atti­tude of gra­ti­tude.

Blan­ka pro­vides various prac­ti­cal, sus­tai­nable and mea­ning­ful indi­vi­dual and cor­po­rate Health & Well­being pro­grammes, through com­bi­ning her aca­de­mic trai­ning in health and nutri­tion with her per­so­nal expe­rience of a career wor­king in a stress­ful cor­po­rate envi­ron­ment.

The main focus is on the pre­ven­tion of chro­nic disease (dia­betes, obe­si­ty, car­dio­vas­cu­lar disease or can­cer) and the pro­mo­tion of modi­fiable life­style fac­tors (heal­thy diet, regu­lar exer­cise, stress relea­sing tech­niques, opti­mal nutri­tion and good sleep rou­tine).

All pro­grammes are full of simple tools and tech­niques that are easy to apply in eve­ry­day life, so there is no space for an excuse such as « I don’t have time aka it is not my prio­ri­ty ».

Blan­ka is deligh­ted to share her enthu­siasm and end­less ener­gy and she engages the audience through ins­pi­ring sto­ry­tel­ling and visual images so that they unders­tand the posi­tive impact of life­style changes and improve their qua­li­ty of life without the fee­ling of scarcity.
If you want to know more about her unique approach, please visit her web­site where you can sche­dule a free intro­duc­to­ry call and down­load for free use­ful work­sheets, shop­ping list, recipes and infor­ma­tion about her Health & Well­being programmes.

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