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We are supporting companies by helping them to integrate artificial intelligence into their processes.

Our offer is divided into two parts:

  • Consulting. We help companies to identify potential AI use cases by interviewing process experts and defining AI roadmaps.

  • When we identify a potential use case, we build a custom solution using our machine learning algorithms.

The combination of the consulting and product development activities allows us to integrate the domain-specific knowledge of our clients and build solutions with high impact. This impact is essential in order to build trust with the algorithm and facilitate its acceptance within the organization.

Our solutions use three kinds of technologies:

  • Computer Vision. We use deep learning to detect objects or classify automatically images.

Use Cases:

  • Automatic visual control on a production line.

  • Automatic fish counting on a fishing boat.

  • Natural Language Processing. We use deep learning to extract insights from texts and classify documents.

Use Cases:

  • Automatic classification of emails.

  • Automatic classification of customer cases in a contact center.

  • Forecasting. We use machine learning to provide predictions based on structured data.

  • Prediction of the number of customer orders.

  • Prediction of churn probability.

  • Prediction of cross-selling purchase probability.

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