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The greatest wealth is health

Nutritionist & Wellbeing Expert, helping companies to create sustainable wellbeing programmes & attractive workplaces

Blanka is a certified nutritionist with a particular interest in many taboo topics such as gastrointestinal disorders (IBS, SIBO, bloating), hormonal imbalances (digestion, stress, sleep & sex hormones) as well as mental & emotional wellbeing.

She is passionate about helping others to get out of the vicious circle and lead a healthier and happier life through the adoption of more conscious lifestyle habits, optimal personalised nutrition, the practice of mindfulness, self-awareness and stress releasing techniques such as meditation, yoga, tapping EFT or positive mindset and attitude of gratitude.

Blanka provides various practical, sustainable and meaningful individual and corporate Health & Wellbeing programmes, through combining her academic training in health and nutrition with her personal experience of a career working in a stressful corporate environment.

The main focus is on the prevention of chronic disease (diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease or cancer) and the promotion of modifiable lifestyle factors (healthy diet, regular exercise, stress releasing techniques, optimal nutrition and good sleep routine).

All programmes are full of simple tools and techniques that are easy to apply in everyday life, so there is no space for an excuse such as “I don’t have time aka it is not my priority”.

Blanka is delighted to share her enthusiasm and endless energy and she engages the audience through inspiring storytelling and visual images so that they understand the positive impact of lifestyle changes and improve their quality of life without the feeling of scarcity.

If you want to know more about her unique approach, please visit her website where you can schedule a free introductory call and download for free useful worksheets, shopping list, recipes and information about her Health & Wellbeing programmes.

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