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Meet this year’s inspiring Swiss ClimateLaunchpad Contestants

We are excited to introduce this year’s Swiss ClimateLaunchpad participants to you in a mini portrait series. Each week we will be presenting two innovative young entrepreneurs taking part in the challenge. Join us on the CLP journey and read on to find out more about some of the most forward-thinking and sustainability driven ideas out there focused on tackling climate change. This week we present to you: REVOZONA – clean ozone solutions for the textile industry and STREAM BY STREAM – Listen to their environmental playlists and they’ll start planting trees

REVOZONA – clean ozone solutions for the textile industry

Revozona aims to transform the highly polluted cotton textile finishing industry into a clean industry through the use of ozone as a green washing and bleaching solution. Implementing Revozona’s ozone equipment will allow the textile industry, which constitutes the 2nd most polluting industry in the world, to save high amounts of water, electricity, steam and hazardous chemicals used in the finishing of textiles. Specifically, it can achieve savings on: 90% water, 44% chemicals, 49% electricity and 92% of C02.

Highly polluted textile finishing industry (image provided by Revozona)

The traditional textile industry creates numerous social and environmental problems through the heavy use of chemicals and enormous amounts of water that contribute to a global water stream pollution. It not only disturbs the natural aquatic eco-system, but also leads to elevated health risks for humans and animals. Unfortunately, regulations are not implemented to prevent textile producers from releasing toxic waste into the environment. Thus the industry relies mainly on equipment manufacturers directly offering feasible solutions that comply with or excel environmental targets.

Revozona’s solution uses the characteristic of ozone gas to bleach textiles in a continuous process, preparing the textiles to be printed or dyed and can then further be used to wash the textiles after dyeing or printing. The remaining ozone is then neutralized into fully harmless oxygen, which can be released into the atmosphere without any negative impact. It offers  two lines, which can either replace and existing conventional cleaning line or can be integrated as an additional component. The company rrecently started running a first installation under full production load at 24 hrs/ 7 days per week, which has has proven to successfully provide the desired outcome.

The Revozona Team: Leonie Werner, Bill Lam, Gerard Peters, Ed Meile and Tim Träger (from left to right) 

Gerard Peters is the founder of Revozona and has been active in the textile industry for over 25 years. He has been working on the idea of a green solution for the textile cleaning process since 2019, together with his partners, Bill Lam, Ed Meile, Leonie Werner and Tim Träger.

The team’s motivation ist to substantially clean up the global textile industry by providing efficient equipment that accelerates the depolluting of the textile finishing process and to « year by year witness the ever increasing and measurable impact on the whole textiles supply chain» (Gerard Peters, founder of Revozona).

Learn more about Revozona here

Stream by Stream – Listen to their environmental playlists and they’ll start planting trees

Stream by Stream is a music playlist provider and community platform that connects environmentally conscious music listeners to playlists of sustainably engaged musicians. The initiative offers an incentive solution (conscious streaming royalties) that engages in supporting sustainablity projects by donating for every song that is streamed. In return listeners endorse green artists willing to donate to climate protection with streams.

The objective of Stream by Stream is to raise fundings for nature through a service-oriented concept and by creating a social community of music enthusiasts conscious about the environment. The incentive service is offered on existing music streaming platform, such as Spotify, Apple Music etc.

Stream by Stream is aware of the large energy costs generated by streaming music. By listening Stream by Stream’s green playlists, customers can mimimize their streaming carbon footprint and help to plant a tree for every 1000 plays on a song.  This tree will absorb around 120kg of CO2 over the next 20 years.


Stream by Stream’s Team with manager Eric Spoerndli and founders Timon Spoerndli and Easnadh Reddington (from left to right)

Stream by Stream’s young founders Easnadh Reddington and Timon Spoerndli finished their music studies during the pandemic. Given the circumstances, which did not allow for in person performances, they wanted to find a potential avenue for musicians to become more visible, especially while starting their careers. Being aware of the adverse ecological impact that result from music streaming, concerts and festivals, they decided to come up with an incentives programm that would attract an initial fanbase for young musicians and at the same time could offset the carbon footprint generated by the music industry.

Stream by Stream’s goal is «to make our environmental incentive concept popular and maybe also influence the music industry to work more actively towards climate protection » (Eric Spoerndli, Manager at Stream by Stream)

Learn more about Stream by Stream here