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Volunteers are at the heart of our organisation, connecting startups with universities and the business community. This distinguishes us from all other startup support organisations in the world. Anyone who wants to give time, knowledge and experience to startups on their own initiative can get involved: as a mentor, expert or student.

What makes our volunteering unique


As a volunteer, you get to know innovative business models. At the same time, you expand your professional skills in the fields of entrepreneurship, consulting and non-profit organisation.

Social commitment

Volunteering with the non-profit initiative Startup Academy promotes entrepreneurial thinking and supports innovation to create new jobs.


Members of the Startup Academy Switzerland community expand their professional network. At meetings and events, they get to know many other startups, mentors, experts and students.


Volunteers are also invited to networking meetings, brown bag events and workshops. Mentors go through a development programme – as do students.


«My role is to provide impetus and ask questions.»
Katrin Mathis
Katrin MathisMentorin
«I like to discuss exciting ideas with innovative people»
Christopher Auden
Christopher AudenMentor
«For us, working with Startup Academy is a win-win situation.»
Céderic Zeller
Céderic ZellerExpert
«The Startup Academy is a melting pot of innovative ideas»
Laurent Gachnang
Laurent GachnangExpert
«I would not have been able to gain these experiences at university»
Pablo Soldati
Pablo SoldatiStudent
«For me, the assignment at the Startup Academy Basel was very enriching»
Noemi Sehn
Noemi SehnStudent


As a mentor, I am the first point of contact for a startup for 18-24 months – with a time commitment of 2-4 hours per month. The “Senior Mentoring Board” ensures that everyone is optimally prepared for this demanding activity and can develop themselves professionally: from “Junior Mentor” to “Senior Mentor” (with certificate).



An expert is an experienced professional with specific expertise (marketing, law, controlling, etc.). They are called in when a start-up needs specialist help or expertise to solve a problem – i.e. only selectively, when the mentor cannot answer specific questions. The time required is around 6-8 hours per year.



We offer internships for students from Swiss universities, universities of applied sciences and colleges of higher education to support, advise and accompany start-ups. An internship can last between three weeks and several months. Certain universitities allow for those who complete an internship during their studies to add 3 or 6 ECTS credits to their studies. (Internships are also possible after graduation).