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An expert is an experienced professional with specific expertise (marketing, law, controlling, etc.). They are called in when a start-up needs specialist help or expertise to solve a problem – i.e. only selectively, when the mentor cannot answer specific questions. The time required is around 6-8 hours per year.

Application form

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How I profit as an expert


As an expert, I support start-ups with practical problems. In this way, I get to know the challenges that young entrepreneurs face in my field.

Innovation impulse

Through my work in the environment of the Startup Academy, I learn about new approaches and methodical ideas. Seeing how innovative business ideas are realised provides me with impulses for my own professional discipline.


The expert becomes part of the Startup Academy community and therewith expands his or her professional network. At meetings and events, one gets to exchange ideas with many people from business and universities.


Volunteering for a non-profit organisation is socially appreciated. I can show this as a reference in my professional environment.



Admission: Admission interview

During the admission interview, the Startup Academy gets an idea of the person's professional requirements, personal suitability and motivation. Afterwards, a decision is made as to whether the person will be accepted into the network as an expert.

Months 1-6: Induction

After signing an agreement, the person takes part in an introductory workshop to get acquainted with the new role. This is followed by the participation in one or two expert panels. After that, he or she will be invited to networking events, brown bag events, venture cafés.

Months 7+: Assignment as an expert

If a start-up needs expertise in a specific field, it contacts the expert - in consiultation with the site management. In a conversation, possible solutions as well as stumbling blocks are pointed out and concrete suggestions made. Experts also continue to participate in expert panels and in the exchange of experiences.

Exit: Final interview

Each expert decides for themselves when they want to end their commitment. In a final discussion with the Startup Academy, experiences are shared that are used for quality improvement and further development. The person can remain part of the Startup Academy community even after their commitment has ended.