The backbone of this public organisation comprises of volunteers who offer their time, knowledge and experience freely to startups. We are looking for veteran business persons and entrepreneurs who enjoy socialising and wish to expand their business network. In Startup Academy, you can opt to volunteer as a mentor, expert or student/intern.


You accompany a startup over a period of 18-24 months as a contact person and discussion partner, which should average to a volunteering time of about 2-4 hours a month

"My task is to provide motivation and ask questions."

"I like to discuss exciting ideas with innovative people."


Lawyers, business experts, trust managers, marketing experts, etc. provide adhoc support to startups when questions arise that startup mentors are unable to answer. Volunteering time for experts comprises about 6-8 hours per year.

"Cooperating with Startup Academy is a win-win situation for us."

Céderic Zeller

"Startup Academy is like a melting pot of innovative ideas."

Laurent Gachnang


Depending on availability and interest, you will be called in to accompany a particular start-up, help various start-ups with specific problems or support Startup Academy with special projects (e.g. the organisation of national and international competitions). Various colleges and universities additionally reward your commitment with ECTS points, which can be credited to your studies.

"I would not have been able to have such experiences at university"

"My time at Startup Academy Basel was a very enriching experience."