Cli­mate­Launch­pad is the world’s largest clean-tech ideas com­pe­ti­tion. For the sev­enth time in row, Start­up Acad­e­my will organ­ise the com­pe­ti­tion in Switzer­land this year. Since 2015, we have been able to sup­port so many amaz­ing and promis­ing star­tups, have got­ten to know a lot of inspir­ing peo­ple and have had a ton of fun along the way. We can’t wait to get to know you and your busi­ness idea this year and have you join the Cli­mate­Launch­pad Switzer­land family.

Turn your green idea into a suc­cess­ful start-up. Get the knowl­edge & skills.


Learn all you can on how to suc­cess­ful­ly start your green busi­ness. Cli­mate­Launch­pad kicks off with an inten­sive Boot Camp & fol­low-up coach­ing sessions.



Yep, of course there are prizes at the Glob­al Grand Final. The real prize? A bunch of new acquired skills & knowl­edge and net­work­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties to get your busi­ness thriv­ing. And of course infi­nite glory.



Bat­tle your way to suc­cess dur­ing Nation­al Com­pe­ti­tions, Region­al Finals and the Glob­al Grand Final. Con­vince our jury and you’ll con­vince any client or investor.



Con­nect to our glob­al net­work of part­ners, entre­pre­neurs and investors. Fea­ture in the world’s largest data­base with green ideas, the place where busi­ness match­es are made.



«Cli­mate­Launch­pad is not only a com­pe­ti­tion but also a well-per­form­ing plat­form for start-ups to get busi­ness coach­ing and exposed on media. ShadeMe has ben­e­fit­ed from this pro­gram to get a clear image of our cli­mate impact and leant skills to make sim­ple slides and pitch­es to impress the jury and investors.»

(2nd place at the Swiss Nation­al Final 2020,
Advanced to Glob­al Grand Final 2020) 


«It is amaz­ing how in only two days at the Boot Camp, the coach gave us all the tools and a sol­id frame­work to work on our idea and future start-up. (…) Per­son­al­ly, I began the CLP adven­ture as a sci­en­tist with a tech­nol­o­gy, I left CLP as an entre­pre­neur with a promis­ing idea.» 

(1st place at the Swiss Nation­al Final 2019,
3rd place at the Glob­al Grand Final 2019)


«What a jour­ney from the Boot Camp to the Grand Final! After some seri­ous work to deliv­er the per­fect pitch with the help of the CLP team, we had a lot of fun in Edin­burgh with sup­port from the Swiss del­e­ga­tion and we con­nect­ed with many poten­tial partners!»

(2nd place at the Swiss Nation­al Final 2018,
Top 10 at the Glob­al Grand Final 2018)


«CLP gave us the right kick, at the right time to launch our ven­ture and crys­tal­ize our green busi­ness idea into tan­gi­ble actions towards mar­ket entry and glob­al impact.»

(1st place at the Swiss Nation­al Final 2017,
2nd place at the Glob­al Grand Final 2017)


Catherine Riesen

Cather­ine Riesen 

Nation­al Lead Cli­mate­Launch­pad Switzerland
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Lukas Blumer

Lukas Blumer 

Nation­al Lead Cli­mate­Launch­pad Switzerland
+41 61 271 80 45