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ClimateLaunchpad is the world’s largest clean-tech ideas competition. For the eigth time in row, Startup Academy will organise the competition in Switzerland this year. Since 2015, we have been able to support so many amazing and promising startups, have gotten to know a lot of inspiring people and have had a ton of fun along the way. We can’t wait to get to know you and your business idea this year and have you join the ClimateLaunchpad Switzerland family.


We are delighted to invite you to the Swiss National Final for the ClimateLaunchpad Challenge 2023. During the final, 10 Swiss start-ups  will be pitching their green business ideas in front of a national jury for a chance to continue their journey into the European and Global finals. 


Register for your ticket and be part of the worldwide largest green business challenge


Turn your green idea into a successful start-up. Get the knowledge & skills.


Learn all you can on how to successfully start your green business. ClimateLaunchpad kicks off with an intensive Boot Camp & follow-up coaching sessions.



Yep, of course there are prizes at the Global Grand Final. The real prize? A bunch of new acquired skills & knowledge and networking opportunities to get your business thriving. And of course infinite glory.



Battle your way to success during National Competitions, Regional Finals and the Global Grand Final. Convince our jury and you’ll convince any client or investor.



Connect to our global network of partners, entrepreneurs and investors. Feature in the world’s largest database with green ideas, the place where business matches are made.



"We learned a great deal from the Boot Camp and other competitors and were contacted by investors and potential partners, because of the visibility given through ClimateLaunchpad”

(3rd place at the Swiss National Final 2023,    1st place at the European Final 2023)


«ClimateLaunchpad was a way for us to grow as a team. It allowed us to take the next step from being researchers and techy geeks to becoming entrepreneurs and setting a solid foundation for our business idea.”

(1st place at the Swiss National Final 2022,
3rd place at the Global Grand Final 2022)


"ClimateLaunchpad enables you to structure your idea and turns it into a potential business. Building a solid pitch deck was our key learning during this program. We recommend every entrepreneur to participate in ClimateLaunchpad."

(1st place at the Swiss National Final 2021,
3rd place at the Global Grand Final 2021)


«ClimateLaunchpad is not only a competition but also a well-performing platform for start-ups to get business coaching and exposed on media. ShadeMe has benefited from this program to get a clear image of our climate impact and leant skills to make simple slides and pitches to impress the jury and investors.»

(2nd place at the Swiss National Final 2020,
Advanced to Global Grand Final 2020) 


«It is amazing how in only two days at the Boot Camp, the coach gave us all the tools and a solid framework to work on our idea and future start-up. (…) Personally, I began the CLP adventure as a scientist with a technology, I left CLP as an entrepreneur with a promising idea.»

(1st place at the Swiss National Final 2019,
3rd place at the Global Grand Final 2019)


«What a journey from the Boot Camp to the Grand Final! After some serious work to deliver the perfect pitch with the help of the CLP team, we had a lot of fun in Edinburgh with support from the Swiss delegation and we connected with many potential partners!»

(2nd place at the Swiss National Final 2018,
Top 10 at the Global Grand Final 2018)


«CLP gave us the right kick, at the right time to launch our venture and crystalize our green business idea into tangible actions towards market entry and global impact.»

(1st place at the Swiss National Final 2017,
2nd place at the Global Grand Final 2017)


Picture of Amanda Dörrzapf

Amanda Dörrzapf

National Lead ClimateLaunchpad Switzerland
[email protected]
+41 61 271 80 45

Picture of Markus Fischer

Markus Fischer

National Lead ClimateLaunchpad Switzerland
[email protected]
+41 61 271 80 45