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In Switzerland, ten thousand hopeful start-ups fail every year. We commit ourselves personally and on a voluntary basis to each and every one of them so that they can assert themselves on the market – with demonstrable success.

What makes the Startup Academy unique


Our support programme addresses the individual needs of the founders, but also the things that could cause a business idea to fail.


We have agreements to protect every business idea in our network, because they belong exclusively to the founders.


85% of all start-ups that have gone through and completed our support programme still exist on the market.


Unlike commercial or government providers, only volunteers are involved in our network - out of personal motivation.

Cost plus

We offer each start-up a service package of CHF 15,000, for which they only have to pay CHF 120 per month (a maximum of CHF 2880 over two years).

Value increase

A scientific study has shown that we create an average of CHF 86,847 in value per startup with our support programme.


Connecting startups with universities and the business community on the basis of volunteer work cannot be found anywhere else in the world - only at the Startup Academy.

Track record

In its first decade of existence, the Startup Academy has created over 700 jobs in Switzerland (part-time and full-time) - an average of 3.05 per startup.



Anyone with a business idea or who wants to take their newly founded company further can enrol in the Startup Academy’s 24-month guidance programme. It is made up of eight steps and is jointly designed by people in different roles and with different competences. The Startup Academy provides optimal framework conditions and a target-oriented network. The start-up is responsible for the successful completion of the entire process. After successful completion, the founder receives a certificate.


Anyone who has founded a start-up company and successfully completed (at least) one business year can register for the Startup Academy’s continuing support programme, which lasts 36-48 months. The aim here is to turn a start-up into an SME. The support in this scale phase takes place in all relevant subject areas, takes into account the specific needs of the start-ups and consists of workshops and mentoring in the network of a pool of experts. After successful completion, the founder receives a certificate.

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