1. What is the Startup Academy’s main goal?

  • The Startup Academy is an association that brings people with business ideas and people with experience and knowledge together to realize these ideas on a voluntary basis. This creates new jobs and supports innovation.

2. What is included in the incubator services and how much does it cost?

  • A startup enrolled in the incubator program receives customized services including: mentoring by an experienced professional, business checks (business idea, personality, accounting and taxes, insurances, IT support, financing, logistics), counseling sessions with experts (legal experts, trustees, logisticians etc.), participation in networking and information events, support with external communication, opportunity to present in front of an interdisciplinary expert panel, and validation of the business idea. In addition, startups in the program receive a 50% discount for the use of our coworking space. The incubator program costs CHF 80 per month. For more information, see the document “Our incubator services for startups” under “Startups”.

3. How do I apply for the Startup Academy’s incubator program?

4. How long does the Startup Academy accompany the startups?

  • The Startup Academy accompanies the startups from 12 to a maximum of 24 months.

5. Does the Startup Academy provide financial solutions?

  • Yes, for this purpose, the Startup Academy organizes finance panels with investors.

6. What kind of events does the Startup Academy offer?

  • There is a networking event twice a year, where many different startups, mentors, partners, and members of the business community can compare notes. We have regular brown bag events on a variety of topics (all our brown bag events can be viewed online). Other events include startup venture caffés, evenings with mentors and experts, business model canvas workshops, pitching workshops, workshops on various subjects like business administration and management, etc.

7. When and where do the events take place?

  • Go to “Home“, scroll down to “Association“ and click on “Events (only in German)“.

8. How is the coworking space organized and how much does it cost?

  • Our spacious offices have desks with large worktops (some are height-adjustable), Internet, printer, color copiers, scanners, and also a kitchen. You can take a 360 degree tour and find specific details on the different packages under “Coworking”. The Startup Academy offers three packages:
  • Nomad – Flex Desk: This ticket gives you 24 freely selectable half-days to use within 12 months. The price is CHF 250 per ticket.
  • Camper – Flex Desk: You can use the coworking space freely on a monthly basis. Cost: CHF 350 per month.
  • Camper – Fix Desk: You get your own workplace, which is always available. This ticket costs CHF 550 per month.

9. I like the concept of the Startup Academy. How can I participate?

  • You can contribute as a volunteer, as a mentor or expert, or as a student. For more details and to apply go to “Volunteers“.