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Cover photo Meet the participants (Sw)

Meet this year’s inspiring Swiss ClimateLaunchpad Contestants

We are excited to introduce this year’s Swiss ClimateLaunchpad participants to you in a mini portrait series. Each week we will be presenting two innovative young entrepreneurs taking part in the challenge. Join us on the CLP journey and read on to find out more about some of the most forward-thinking and sustainability driven ideas out there focused on tackling climate change. This week we present to you: Kuafu – an AI service software for the building and e-mobility sectors and GaiaCure – a system of advanced enzymes that efficiently break down toxins in water

KUAFU  – an AI service software for the building and e-mobility sector

Kuafu offers an AI powered SaaS (software as a service) for building owners as well as energy vehicle operators to reduce the electricity costs, the carbon emissions and generate new revenue streams from emerging markets.

The solution coordinates the available building energy assets, such as heat pumps, batteries, photovoltaics (PV), or electric vehicle charging points with the aim to maximize the self-consumption of sustainable energy sources (such as PV) and allowing to bid additional energy capacity in new markets through their service platform. Kuafu service supports dynamic energy usage responding to an AI powered forecast of the carbon footprint of electricity. Kuafu actively monitors consumption of the building or electric vehicles, which significantly redices energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Kuafu co-founders Federica Bellizio and Hanmin Cai

By combining the building and electric mobility sector, Kuafu can offer optimal energy management and provision of grid service. The technology used by Kuafu to generate risk-awre bidding into emerging markets results from a combination of interpretable and physics-based models as well as data input, which provides more accurate market bids. This is a great advantage over competitors on the market, who struggle accurately address market uncertainty resulting in overbidding and penalties.

The co-founders Federica Bellizio and Hanmin Cai have a combined scientific research experience of ten years in different industry projects related to optimal energy management and grid service provision. The team firmly believes that electric vehicle and smart building aggregation will provide a service that addresses the real pain points of theses sectors in order to achieve the best energy management and grid efficiency possible.


GAICURE – a system of advanced enzymes that efficiently break down toxins in water

GaiaCure develops advanced enzymes that efficiently break down toxins in water, addressing the pressing issue of water pollution. By leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, the team at GaiaCure designs and optimizes specialized proteins that can effectively degrade pollutants, safeguarding ecosystems, and human health. Their innovative solution contributes to mitigating climate change by promoting sustainable water management practices and preserving the integrity of water resources for future generations.

Current water treatments are chemical based as well as highly inefficient and costly. By utilizing AI algorithms and machine learning techniques to design and engineer proteins specifically tailored for the breakdown of toxins, GaiaCure can offer a sustainable as well as highly targeted and cost effective solution. The AI models analyze vast amounts of data on protein structures, functions, and interactions to generate novel protein sequences with desired properties. Once the initial protein sequences have been generated, the AI algorithms iteratively optimize them using computational simulations and molecular modeling.

GaiaCure founders (left to right) Dmytro Kukthar, Pedro Gonzalez, Daria Lemble, Colino Neves, Alessandro Sardone, Kevin Yar

GaiaCure is founded by of a passionate team of bioengineers, data scientists, biotechnicians and business developers. Daria Lemble, Colino Neves, Dmytro Kukthar, Kevin Yar, Alessandro Sardone and Pedro Gonzalez are driven by a shared commitment to combating water pollution and its detrimental effects on ecosystems and human health. Their motivation stems from the realization that water pollution is a pressing global issue with far-reaching consequences. They are certain that “the development of an innovative solution to efficiently break down toxins in water will contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment, safeguarding precious water resources for future generations.”